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How much will it cost?
Most sessions cost £50.
Our initial consultation will usually be 90 minutes, during this time we will chat together to work out how we can best help you. You will always see the same therapist for the duration of your treatment.
You can ask any questions you like and we promise to answer them. At this stage we will also tell you how many sessions you are likely to need to overcome your particular problem. To give you an rough idea we usually recommend 6-8 sessions for weight management, two or three for stopping smoking, around 8 for banishing stress and anxiety. We will then give you a short session of hypnosis to relax you and send you away feeling good. This will be a chance for you to get used to being in hypnosis and see if the therapy is one which you think will suit you.
Sessions after this last between 60-90 minutes. In these sessions we begin by discussing how you have been getting on since we last met, this will be followed by a hypnotherapy session, or a related therapy such as EFT or NLP if that seems more suitable. 
To help you between sessions you will be given homework. This will help to make you self sufficient when the treatment is finished. This homework might be a tape of a session, or we may teach you self hypnosis. Or we might ask you to keep a food diary to encourage healthy eating. Sometimes we ask clients to keep a diary of thoughts and behaviour in any area they want to change – tracking  when you think or behave in a way you want to change can be half the battle.
If we decide you need more than couple of sessions then you can book in advance and save 10 per cent.
For some issues,including weight loss, weight management and healthy eating and giving up smoking we can work with groups. This has two advantages to you, it is cheaper because you share the cost and you get the extra motivation working with others can bring. Contact us for more details.
 All fees are paid in advance at he time of booking. We usually work out of our offices in Broomhill Sheffield or from locations in Stoke Newington London,  but can visit your home if that seems preferable.We also offer sessions via SKYPE

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