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My name is Ann and I work as a hypnotherapist, stress counsellor and NLP practitioner. I also hold a diploma in psychotherapy and I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, the biggest not for profit hypnotherapy organisation in the UK. I hold the following qualifications: Dip.HPsych, Cert.SM, Dip.NLP, Cert IBS Cert Smoking Cessation, Ba(Hons) Phil Dip Soc Pol

I am the editor of the Hypnotherapy Journal.
I founded wellthought which operates in North London (N16) and Sheffield and surrounding areas in West Yorkshire the Peak district and South Yorkshire. I work with a range of health professionals to ensure you receive professional treatment which works. We provide help and support for many problems which can be helped by hypnotherapy and related techniques. These include anxiety and panic attacks, weight control, stopping smoking, irritable bowel syndrome, stress and exam anxiety.
Before I founded wellthought I worked with people affected by breast cancer, giving advice, counselling and support to breast cancer patients and their families. I wrote training and professional support materials for nurses, running the website of the Royal College of Nurses and being deputy editor of the UK’s leading nursing magazine Nursing Standard.
I have brought the high professional standards I learned there to wellthought. My colleagues and I are are committed to providing therapy that works for you. We guarantee we will:
  • Listen to you, treating your ideas and issues seriously and treating you with dignity and respect.
  • Build up a relationship of trust with you. We promise that everything you say will remain in the strictest confidence.
  • Work with you to achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time, we promise not to take money from you by treating you unnecessarily.
  • Teach you how to help yourself. Our aim is to make you independent of us, so we will give you tools and techniques to help you heal yourself and you will leave therapy with the resources to help you in your future life
  • Take your feedback seriously – we aim to base all our treatments on evidence, so if something is not working for you we will change it. I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, the largest not for profit hypnotherapy organisation in the UK

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