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A comfortable atmosphere in our Sheffield rooms
‘Our main therapy rooms, where we carry out most of our weight management work are based in a beautiful Victorian building in the leafy Sheffield suburb of Broomhill’s conservation area. Quiet and private, it is a perfect setting to relax and enjoy your sessions with us. 
We begin our sessions with an informal chat to find out exactly what your problem is and how we can best help you, tea and coffee are available for you and soft music can be played to relax you.
As you settle down on one of our comfortable sofas you will feel completely relaxed and secure and ready to begin to change your life and leave your problems behind.
We pride ourselves on providing a very personalised service, we never use standard hypnotherapy scripts for example but tailor everything to your specific needs. We are proud of our use of technology and, if you have a computer we will send you sources of help and support by email or through our website.’
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