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I have been a 'guinea pig' for Ann's virtual gastric band programme and have just finished. I tried this beofre with a different therapist  and it didn;t work but this time it did! I really felt I was being treated as an individaul and I think this is why it worked for me. Emily

 Ann responded to my request for help without hesitating and with such insight that I immediately felt relaxed and confident. I wholeheartedly recommend hypnotherapy with Ann, having experienced her professional and welcoming approach.   Sue

 to help me cope with the latter stages of pregnancy. this technique helped me to manage my pregnancy symptoms and prepared me for using visualization during labour.i was very happy with the results and would recommend her to others.

YASMIN: “Thanks Ann you have changed my life. I have tried every diet and they all failed. For the first time I had genuine control over what I eat. I don’t feel deprived; I don’t feel I am on a diet. I feel in control. I have the motivation to eat healthily and exercise more. I now have a choice and have transformed my life”

ELLA "Ann helped me to manage my IBS through using hypnotherapy. This is a massive breakthrough for me as IBS had been having a significant impact upon my life, and my family too. The hypnotherpy techniques are great for relaxation and for visualisation, but Ann offers much more than this. She has helped me not to fear IBS, to understand more about the condition and gain in confidence. many thanks"

JENNY "I was a bit sceptical before my sessions to help me with studying but it worked. I would recommend Ann to anyone."
ROB "I like the way Ann explains what she is doing. She has got me thinking about how I can help myself."

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