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irritable bowel syndrome hypnotherapyControlling IBS

Hypnotherapy is recognised as a treatment for IBS by the Department of Health. At Wellthought we can help you get this distressing condition under control. Go to our FaQs if you want to know more about your condition.

Your treatment plan will be designed especially for you and include:

  • A special relaxation session to help you control the anxiety IBS can bring IMMEDIATELY
  • A timeline designed to help you understand what might trigger your IBS
  • A stress diary to help you recognise and cope with things which can make your IBS worse
  • Advice and support for dealing with difficult social situationsWe will show you how your subconscious can control your symptoms
  • Healing meditation, your inner resources can help you
  • Controlling anxiety in any social, work or family situation
  • Controlling and reducing pain through hypnotherapy
  • Stopping thoughts and feelings which are harming youYou will learn to cope and control your IBS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE:
  • Self hypnosis to help you manage your symptoms at any place and any time
  • CDs designed especially for you to use at home
  • A long term plan to enable you to control bad thoughts and anxiety
  • Telephone support

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