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Self hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
I have used this very successfully with clients who have seen me face to face in the Sheffield office. It works best when the client has been familiarised with the experience of hypnosis.

Just follow these simple steps.   Take yourself to a quiet place where you know you will not be disturbed and tell yourself that you have 20 minutes to work on helping yourself.  
  • Step One relax your muscles  Get comfortable, then starting with your feet and working your way to your head tense and relax all the muscle groups in your body one by one. If after tensing and relaxing a certain muscle group it still feels tense do it again.  
  • Step Two breathe  Breathe deeply hold let go Repeat the process Say to yourself ‘I am 2 times as relaxed’ Repeat the process Say to yourself ‘I am more relaxed still’   Breathe normally Focus on your breathing Feel the air going down Do this 10 times Each time say – ‘deeply relaxed’   
  • Step three clear your mind  Notice the random thoughts in your mind Acknowledge each thought as it appears in front of you Say to the thought ‘come back later’ Let it drift away watch it get smaller and smaller Repeat with next thought that comes Continue until the thoughts slow down   Let your subconscious take over (you will probably hear or see a kaleidoscope of images)  
  • Step four visualise  Take yourself to a favourite safe place – walk through the wood, arrive at the clear cool stream   
  • Step five healing  Visualise the stream See yourself looking into the stream; see your reflection looking back at you   see –       the rocks and rubble blocking your stream –       clear away the rubble –       watch the clear stream flowing freely   continue watching the stream and clearing the rubble and rocks  
  • Step six return  when you know that you have done as much work as is right for you today   turn from the stream…. walk up the path…. into open meadow  
  • Step seven  Wake…stretch….enjoy the feeling

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