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Managing pain   

Try this, it will transform your ability to ma nage pain

Imagine a control panel – something with a big dial in the middle, (it could be a speedometer on a car, the  hands of a clock or the dancing bars you see on a music system whatever seems right to you)work to develop this make the dial as  clear as possible   Look very closely at the indicator on this dial notice it wavers up and down a bit – processes are not steady there is always this slight wavering. Watch it goes a little higher a little lower.   Think of your pain and locate it on the dial – see where it is – from none to unbearable –   Concentrate on the pain – and on the dial and notice the dial moves with the pain fluctuating just slightly. Now test the connection   First make the indicator go up just a tiny bit – then let the indicator settle down –   Now just for a moment really increase the dial to high pain – feel the pain change Drop it back down.   Doing this shows you can control the pain   If you can increase it you can decrease it as well   Focus on the dial move the indicator down just a little – easy   Then move it down a lot – feel the pain recede – now move down lower   To where feels comfortable   Do this again   Practice   The more you practice the more control you will have

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