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Weightloss programme including hypnotherapy delivered by telephone and SKYPE

healthy eating hypnosis sheffieldAt Weightloss with Wellthought we will deliver a tailored individual programme just for you over the telephone or SKYPEWe will teach you to use your mind to improve your body, your appearance and your health. The programme runs over 3 months and includes weekly one hour hypnotherapy sessions and costs £150.00 the programme will include:
A special relaxation session to restore your emotional and physical balance 
A timeline designed to find out why you eat badly, when you developed bad habits and what sparks your unhealthy eating 
An emotional detox – hypnotherapy to
get you in the right frame of mind to change your eating habits
 A food diary designed to help you discover when and why you eat badly 
or eat too much 
You will learn to use the power of your mind to control your eating. You WILL NOT WANT to eat too much
The SWISH technique – your subconscious can tell you to STOP when fattening food comes your way 
Take the high road to success: you will not WANT to eat fattening food and will ENJOY the healthy option 
 Self hypnosis – you can strengthen your willpower any place and time 
You will receive our special weightloss pack with: 
Eating plans with nutritional value and balance 
 CDs designed especially for you to use at home 
 An exercise plan to speed your weightloss and improve general health v Telephone support between sessions to help you reach your goals

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